About us

Special Machine Tools S.r.l. was founded in Luino, northern Italy, in 2004, on the Lombard edge of the Lake Maggiore, as result of the entrepreneurship of three partners who already worked in the sector. In this magnificent landscape, following specific requests of their clients, we design and manufacture our machines, equipped with software dedicated to all kinds of processing.

A brief history

In 2004 a new way of thinking of centreless grinding machines came up. The idea of using a numeric control axis assembled beneath the operating spring in a transversal direction, when compared with the two conventional axis destined to move the driving spring, made it possible to create a fully automated grinding machine, including the cycles to dress springs of any profile, with only 3 numeric control axis, therefore reducing maintenance and setting interventions.
This is how the CG.R series was created, with its international patent.

In 2008, with the experience developed with this innovation and following market requests, Special Machine Tools S.r.l. decided to expand its own range of products with its SF series, small numeric control grinding machines for special works on small parts.

In 2011, it launched the CF series, a fixed centre grinding machine with numeric control, widely successful among leading companies in the market of hard metal working with pass-through techniques. This acknowledgement is due to the great structural rigidity, combined with the excellent quality-price ratio, which makes it a veritable power in the sector.

Today Special Machine Tools S.r.l. grows noticeably every year, strong with its ten-year experience, boasting a range of reliable, sturdy products that can fulfil any requests of our clients, thanks to our flexibility of production.

Special Machine Tools guarantees quick, punctual assistance and maintenance, to fulfil all our clients’ requests.