SF SERIES - Transfer grinding

Special transfer grinder used for all kind of parts that need to be fixed in a chuck. Single-block cast iron base. The workpiece head with the workpiece clamping spindle is assembled on 2 slides crossed to 90°. It moves the workpiece with 2 axes in interpolated cycle to the grinding wheels to carry out different kinds of working cycles with only one fixing. It is possible to grind all kind of profile (conical, spherical, face) to the workpieces as small machining (internal, external, more or less complex profiles). When the grinding wheel needs to be dressed there will a support with the dressing tool fixed at the housing to the workpiece head. The dresser is moved with the axis of the 2 slides. The software, entirely developed by SMT technicians, makes it possible to manage all the work phases of the machine in a simple and intuitive manner. Personalised solutions for the loading and unloading devices allow this machine to work in absolute autonomy.
The SF 300 is dedicated to small or medium high production. It guarantees workpieces in repeated quality, easy use and low maintenance.

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SF 300
Diameter of workpieces Ø 1 ÷ Ø 25 mm
Length of workpieces 15 ÷ 150 mm
Rotation of grinding wheel in relation to the axis of the workpiece 30 ÷ 70 °
Diameter of grinding wheel Ø 300 mm
Width of grinding wheel 30 mm
Bore of grinding wheel Ø 127 mm
Peripheral speed of grinding wheel 20 ÷ 30 m/s
Minimum compensation (positive/negative) 0,001 mm
Number of CNC axis 2
Grinding wheel engine power 2 kW
Gripper head motor power 1,5 kW
Installed power 6 kW
Total machine weight (without accessories) 3000 kg
Machine dimensions on ground 2000 x 2000 mm