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21 gennaio 2018

In early 80's, it was recognized by the Tata Group that the check out industry is a huge potential consumer marketplace for the group to enter into. A Tata veteran, Xerxes Desai who was the MD of Tata Press was selected to mind this initiative. Titan was conceived in Tata Press in 1984- a joint venture between Tata & the Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Company. Like most consumer marketplaces in India during the pre-liberalization era, the look at industry was way behind all of those other world. The technology at that time was reliable, but outdated. Tata Group entered the see market with Quartz technology and the manufacturer Titan.

Brand identity-Kapferers Model

Physique is an exterior tangible facet conveying company qualities, type, physical specificities and colour. Physique how to write a theme essay for college is the starting point of branding.

TITAN: Elegant corporate have on, Life-style watches

Personality is an internal intangible facet which sorts the character, brand persona and soul which happen to be relevant for makes.

TITAN: A complement to outfit than only a time showing machine

Relationship is an exterior facet with tangible and intangible areas, and defines the behaviour that indentifies the manufacturer - the way the company connects to its customers.

TITAN: Wrist watches as a practical extravagance with a function other than beauty

Culture is an inner intangible facet to integrate the brand in to the organization which is vital in differentiating brands.

TITAN: Indian, traditional and premium quality

Reflection is an exterior intangible facet reflecting the customer as she or he wishes to be seen because of this of by using a brand.

TITAN: Lives life to the fullest, multi-faceted, revives aspirations

Self-Image is an internal intangible facet reflecting the customer attitude towards the manufacturer. These inner thoughts hook up personal inner relationship with the brand.

TITAN: Be whatever you intend to be and extract even more from life

Stage in the PLC





Extension of Maturity period through REPOSITIONING



Titan's winning story commenced in the entire year 1984 when there was a joint venture between your Tata Group and the Tamil Nadu Industrial Advancement Company. Introducing Titan quartz designer watches which donned an international appearance, Titan Industries completely transformed the Indian check out industry. After the launch of "Sonata", a value-for-money manufacturer which offered functionally styled watches at reasonable prices, Titan Industries aimed to attain the youth of the nation using its third trendy and fashionable brand "Fastrack". Till date, Titan has sold 100mn designer watches worldwide and it creates 12mn watches per annum.

Steps taken by company at each stage

At Product Level

Stage I: Introduction

Titan offers a broad variety of choices to varied segments across taste, gender, age and monetary status. in the early days, Titan used this process way as the cornerstone of its leadership strategy. Their former range acquired discrete offerings for particular requirements:

Gold plated circumstances having excellent leather straps had been Formal watches launched especially for the executive

Gold plated conditions having ornamental bracelets had been Dress watches launched for those who prefer jewellery

All steel designer watches with features were the Rugged designer watches for those whose use demanded more durability

Stage II: Growth

Launched Aqura In 1989, the trendy collection for the youth

Raga in 1992, the ethnic array for the advanced Indian woman

Insignia in 1993, standard and foreign appearing high-end watches, for individuals who seek exclusivity

Launched psi 2000 in 1994, the rugged, sporty and masculine designer watches with serious sports features for individuals who seek adventure.

Dash in 1996, the glowing and colourful collection for kids

Launched Sonata in 1997, the affordable, good quality range for the budget-conscious

Stage III: Maturity

Titan came out with Fastrack in 1998, the cool, stylish and funky selection for the young

Nebula in 1999, the sound gold and diamond-studded range of luxury wristwatches for affluent people

Steel in 2001, the smart and contemporary collection for the youthful 21st century executive

In 2006, launched its premium watch brand Xylys

Also in 2008, Titan arrived with unique collections just like the Octane, Diva, WWF and Zoop

At Communication Level

Stage I: Introduction

Titan made a decision to invest to an excellent degree into exhibiting all its innovations to the prospective consumers using advertising and marketing. From the 1st day, the "catalogue" advertising and marketing of Titan was applied and it ended up being its hallmark as it was applied regularly and was very powerful in merchandising new versions. These catalogue advertisements were also very helpful to the clients in searching off the newspaper webpage, almost deciding which style these were interested in picking right up. Retailers as well got used to looking at customers who would walk into shops with newspaper cuttings, especially asking for the models depicted there. The same methodology is continued till this day, with nearly the same effect.

The most persisting the main Titan advertising has got been its music monitor. It had been a segment from Mozart's 25th Symphony that was chosen learning how to write a history essay for its category and western vibes and is becoming Indian Advertising's just about all unforgettable track. It started in 1987 in its clean classical versions with only one violin playing the melody and over time, this piece of music has been delivered in innumerable innovative versions.

Stage II: Growth

In the first 90's, Titan centered on building up the "Gifting" market. Designer watches had been favourite things to surprise and Titan benefited from that. A set of 3 films were developed in 1991 around 3 relationships, where the gifting of a Titan climaxed in a touching personal moment and strengthened the relationship between the protagonists. All these films were incredibly big hits plus they created a separate genre of advertising movies lasting around 8 years. Of these years, a series of films involving a variety of characters for instance a daddy, a daughter, a teacher, a boyfriend etc.; with regional flavour were produced and released. These helped in building a huge gift idea segment for Titan and also became Titan's Theme Advertising campaign.

Another flourishing customer-facing aspect about Titan features been its stores. In a pioneering attempt which substantially altered the industry requirements, the Community of Titan was created. Situated in the newer parts of a town, the showrooms promptly stood out on the street and finished up in attracting a lot of walk-ins. You can get an improved idea about the collection through a contextual presentation and could constitute his brain which collection was right for his requirement.

Stage III: Maturity

Titan Industries made a decision to revamp its flagship watch brand with the goal of making it more youthful and relevant to the changing times. The brand underwent a significant repositioning exercise in 2005, when Hindi film actor Aamir Khan was appointed company ambassador and it had been accompanied by the tagline "What's YOUR LOOK?" campaign. It tried to improve watch usage per person, by suggesting the utilization of different watches for diverse occasions.

In 2008, Titan shifted from design statements to character statements. With the explosion of choices in a person's life, their core consumer was changing. Titan has got evolved and followed the tagline "BECOME MORE". It denotes the aspirations of consumers to make additional of their lives and be whatever they would like to be.

Market Scenario/Challenges

Majority of the look at customers have a tendency to prefer Titan due to the appealing styles and high-quality of Titan watches. On the other hand, there is a misconception in the minds of the consumers about the prices of Titan products because they find them to be pretty costly. Titan is now trying to get your hands on newer customer segments and so are attempting to target all of the adults in SEC A good and SEC B. Titan can be considering advanced retail strategies and can be projecting to launch contemporary product collections.


Titan is the 5th largest branded watch producer on the planet with four major makes available in the market namely Titan, Sonata, Fastrack and Xylys, all having countless sub-brands and collections. Titan Industries commenced operations with groundbreaking offerings, we.e. Quartz watches which altered the look of the Indian watch industry. Ideas which were ahead of their circumstances at Titan Industries resulted in substantial accomplishments such as Single Point Solutions to each and every Original Equipment Manufacturer customer.

Titan watches can be found at exclusive World of Titan outlets, Fastrack outlets, multi brand dealers, Multi brand wall plug "Helios" and multi brand stores. Bringing the forecast of company fatigue earnestly, the brand recreated itself with the flawlessly styled Euro watches collection.

In the longer term, Titan can introduce an exclusive assemblage for Executive males and females which is modern-day and goes well with both the traditional and also western wear. As well, the brand must spread more awareness about the option of its lesser-priced wrist watches in lower segments of the contemporary society as the majority of the consumers feel that Titan manufacturer is synonymous with high grade watches.

management accounting assignment

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management accounting assignment


Activity: General ledger section reconciles and updates the general ledgers.

Objective: The main purpose of having reconciliation in an organization is to make certain that the overall accuracy, completeness and regularity of account balance. Narrowly, it really is to compare accounting details that is present in two devices do my essay for me or locations (‘Reconciliation of Balance Sheet Accounts’, n.d.). Jessica (n.d.) as well discovered that reconciliation helped in identifying the misstatement in account records and record. If accountants have efficiently found the errors, they must immediately update the adjustment. It is to ensure that the ultimate completed financial reports effectively represent the financial position of the organization (Jim, S., 2008).

Example: The accountant in Puspa Sneakers Manufacture can concur and reconcile the journal vouchers from price accounting and inventory subsidiary ledgers from inventory control (James A. Hall, 2013).


Activity: Production preparation and control section determines the materials and procedure requirements with the inventory status report and revenue forecast.

Objective: The main objective of the activity is to get the right level of materials to the right place at the proper time (Vassilis, M., 2000). By getting the inventory status article and product sales forecast, the supervision in this division will be educated with the info of reorder point, quantity readily available, quantity on purchase, and the sales expectation that salesmen need to accomplish (“Inventory stock status by item report”, n.d.) (“Forecast and strategy your sales”, n.d.). Then, this division will determine how much material is necessary for the reason that batch production. It can avoid any wastage of materials indirectly. It is similar as just in time production model which merchandise are manufacture to meet up demand, not produced in surplus. (“Just-in-time manufacturing”, n.d.).

Example: After understanding the reviews from inventory control section and marketing department, development planning control staff in Puspa Footwear Produce has determined the types and level of material required and sent get requisition to suppliers.


Activity: Production setting up and control division reviews the expenses of materials and way sheet.

Objective: By reviewing of costs of materials (BOM) and route sheet, these two source files have provided necessary data to plan the production schedule. The info mainly relates to enough time constraints, batch sizes and specification (James A good. Hall, 2010). By organizing the production schedule, a business can perform 3 primary goals. It really is in order to avoid the delay in completion of careers, to well spend the time, and to maximize the use of equipment and equipment (“Production Planning and Scheduling”, n.d.).

Example: In the case study, it did mention that Production planning and control department gathered and examined the bill of materials and way sheet and prepared two copies of production schedules to work exegetical paper centre and cost accounting section.


Activity: Employee timecards and task tickets are prepared and delivered to payroll division and cost accounting division.

Objective: The purpose to prepare the time cards and task tickets is to identify the attendance of personnel or employees and also to decide their wages or salaries. As facts to the personnel’ formal daily attendance, the payroll department use the information in the time cards to choose whether there is reward or commission to the employees. Besides, the job tickets are delivered to cost accounting department to allocate the immediate labor costs to work in process accounts. In a nutshell, by having both of these valid evidences, the fairness to allocate the salaries can be enhanced.

Example: The production staff are required to punch enough time card twice per working day (when they will work so when the working hour ends).


Activity: Cost accounting department reconciles material use and labor consumption and calculates variance.

Objective: The primary aim in this activity is normally to monitor the existing performance in production range via variance research. Edwards-Nutton (2008) also identified the variance accounting activity as ‘the analysis of performance by means of variances, whose timely reporting should improve the opportunity for managerial actions.’ By interpreting the difference between you see, the cost and budgeted cost, the management has the capacity to know the performance and volume variances in the material usage variance. This may indirectly help to develop an understanding of the present costs and then to control the future costs. That is a kind of useful forecasting as well.

Example: In the event study, the staff in expense accounting department did reconcile the materials usage and labor utilization and determine the variance by using the information of approach ticket, work order, job ticket, and journal voucher. The staff afterward updates the WIP bank account.


Activity: Production arranging and control department prepared move tickets.

Objective: The planning of move tickets is really one of the ways to discover and inspect the standard of the intermediates or extra elements of finished goods. It is to ensure that all the portion of finished goods meet up with the quota then only could be processed for the next stage. It is also beneficial for the management to prepare the maneuver ticket because this activity can assure the even flow of the development process.

Example: In generating footwear, there are quite simply 4 stages. Firstly, the Clicking or Trimming Section will prepare the trimming and size of the footwear. Then the procedure will be dealt with by Closing or Machining Division, followed by Lasting & Making Department and lastly Finishing Division and the Shoe Place (“Shoe Producing Process”, n.d.). Subsequently, between each level, the personnel in control are required to inspect the process and authorize it through the use of move tickets.

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How to Successfully Migrate a Data Digital Documentation Center

16 gennaio 2018

Migrations of large data centers are enough complicated as they pose significant risk to concern integrity. The gone best practices may back IT executives to apportion take possession of resources for migration plans, trial and tests that will guard corporate documentation and confidential data though afterward improving all prerequisites of success.

IT decision makers who outlook the task to migrate their corporate data centers during the overall infrastructure refurbishment strategy:

Always add together third-party experiences like normal knowledge base, especially if they get not possess in-company experience plenty to plan, kill and report upon big projects similar to migrations of data centers.

Ensure to devise as skillfully as sanction a trustworthy communication strategy for all phases of migration - this is indispensable to diminish the chance of errors. Make determined all affected departments are served in the manner of sum up information.

In order to implement risk improvement they use bump recovery protocols and frequently direct tests.

Meticulously schedule how the process of migration is implemented during all periods of the project to ensure that valuable record all details are lessons and citation materials for post-migration follow-up are preserved for the sake of completeness of the entire procedure.

Lets recognize a look at the good examples that liable IT bureaucrat should rule even though executing the migration of data center.

available Expertise

It is entirely important to ensure that you have satisfactory capacity set before you begin this important journey. Third-party talent may be a good option.

Assembling the Right Team

Significant projects require an experienced leader who will build a team comprising experts from all in action departments. This project lead must in addition to have the power to rule resources and to assign tasks.

3. Preparation Stage

The endowment of any project depends on thorough preparation and meticulous wish setting. Tests are furthermore essential.

4. Make it Simple

The less data requires moving, the easier would the summative process be. Attempt to simplify, condense, virtualize, optimize, tidy happening the data days in the past you actually begin your project.

5. Rule Interdependencies

At this stage you create a determined assessment of all interconnections amid tools, platforms, and various equipment such as cloud, servers, and on-site data storage. During this stage you will supplementary regard as being the stability and make a list of little details of alternating steps of the project.

6. Mare sure to Communicate

Working communication strategy is vital during every steps of data migration. Communication is critical past it comes to eliminating errors and establishing trusted data argument routes. Communication must assume all departments and clarify participants and responsibilities during combined process.

Discussing the migration plot in the manner of internal IT team and thing units is also important as a exaggeration to avoid disruptions. Allow people know more or less milestones, feasible challenges, and focus upon successes.

7. Planning is Key

The number of data migration steps often depends upon swap factors such as data middle volume, risk of utility disruptions, as well as budget requirements.

8. Scheme for the Future

Problems undoubtedly arise at every stages of actual data exchange. Its in the works to decision maker to predict such problems in order to create capture risk avoidance protocols. Again, this takes us assist to well-planned preparation phase.

9. Tests are Important

Perfection comes in the manner of experience. Previously you start migrating the applications, feint a set of tests to ensure a "baseline" of various committed levels, including its feat to ham it up without affecting its performance.

10. Attain not Panic

To steer sure of unplanned errors, take on board a "freeze" grow old dawn just previously the migration process and stopping immediately after you resolved the migration.

During the migration, be prepared to achievement connectivity problems, faulty credentials or invalid testing. Sometimes such issues outcome in a cascading effect on overall system performance, especially if no leave suddenly route has been set.

11. Breakdown Again

Even if you have performed repeated tests, embrace a risk-based attitude that relies on opinions of experts inside the company.

12. Post-migration Tests

Hurray! You now have completed a flawless migration. Still, you need to have allocated practiced resources handy for the neighboring week or so. Other attention is still warranted to any failures in network performance. Also, check that corporate networking services and firewalls are adequately tested for stability as without difficulty as speed.

13. Piece of legislation the Audit

An audit of the migration journey is usually warranted. This valuable review will find the money for priceless details and knowledge more or less various ability factors.

14. Complete the Closure

Complete the recess in a due heavens to make definite that no hidden errors may impact corporate IT in the coming weeks.

15. Remember to Schedule Updates

All the documentation should be maintained in the same way as the data middle migration is complete. Praise the difficult appear in of every people involved! Your did a great job. data room m&a

Research Issues in Nursing

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An essay is largely known as a quick composing that should get the appropriate level of quality to coordinate with your visitors. Net is of superb support to pupils or Alumnae wishing to create a great essay and build their standards. Well, in case you are ready to create a great composition, subsequently can simply take support from (altro…)