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Special Machine Tools - Rettificatrici Senza Centri

Innovation, efficiency, customization for better productivity.

Special Machine Tools - Rettificatrici Senza Centri

Let's build the future together!

Believing in the future means thinking about all those companies that want to make a difference with innovative solutions and continuous improvements, counting on the value of people and companies like SMT, that make their expertise available to bring excellence to the market.

Special Machine Tools, right along with Italian and international partner, realizes the need for cross-trained skilled personnel, proactivity, and problem-solving is a must in todays’ market. MST, as your partner can provide you with a turned key solution that combines all aspects, to help you achieve your manufacturing requirements and reaching new heights


We bring technological innovation to your business with high-performance machines, fully customizable even in software, designed to optimize management and maintenance costs.


Our company is made up of expert technicians at your side to design and implement the best solution to facilitate your work by increasing performance, reducing waste, and making the company more efficient.


For SMT, you are more than a customer. You are a partner with whom we collaborate and share a view of continuous improvement; this is why strive to be at your side to provide you with design and technical assistance, training, and maintenance on your products.

Special Machine Tools - Rettificatrici Senza Centri

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Moveable center grinding machines

CG.R​ Series

Versatile, fast, robust, the CG.R adjustable center grinding machine can perform any type of grinding applications. In addition, it can carry out the grinding operation with only 3-axis although performing like a 7-axis machine, optimizing processing times, management, and reducing maintenance costs.

Fixed-center grinding machine

CF Series

It is perfect for “through-feed” processes. The CF fixed-center grinding machine is designed to eliminate any bending and vibration. Due to its configuration and design, the loading and unloading of the workpieces are simplified, thus speeding up the entire grinding process.

Transfer grinding machines

SF Series

It is dedicated to the grinding of specific details of various workpieces. The SF grinding machine can grind tapers, chamfers, face grinding, and perform small internal and external machining with a single clamping, working completely unattended with automatic loading and unloading the workpieces. 

Special Machine Tools - Rettificatrici Senza Centri

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Special Machine Tools - Rettificatrici Senza Centri

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