Special Machine Tools - Rettificatrici Senza Centri

The real value of SMT grinding machines is the service

In order to be an excellent product, a centerless grinding machine must strictly respect specific standards such as being reliable, durable, customizable, and simple to use.

For SMT, this is just the starting point in addition to being the European leader for centerless grinding machines dedicated to hard metal machining. Furthermore, SMT offers dedicated services of continued support to address any and all your needs at any stage of your relationship with the company.

SMT’s solutions are created and optimized to help you in your daily work, improve and speed up production requirement, eliminate waste and downtime, support business processes, and make the machine more accessible to ease the functions of the machine operator.

Together with you, we find the most effective and efficient answer for your specific production need, collaborating together to give you a grinding machine that will be much more than a machine, it will be one of the fundamental assets of your business.

Special Machine Tools - Rettificatrici Senza Centri

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Special Machine Tools - Rettificatrici Senza Centri

Collaboration working method

What customers are looking for when they decide to bring a new machine in the company is a solution that can have a positive impact on all business activity, solving production problems, making them more efficient and innovative.

Collaboration becomes essential to identify the best response to requests and continuously improve our skills and solutions to provide better services.

Project consultancy

Competence, availability, and listening skills are the basis efficient results. We start from listening to our customer wishes, we analyze the needs and develop a 100% tailored project, assuring the machine performance is based on a defined KPIs (time/cycle and productivity)


We design and build our machines considering the technological requirements as well as the needs for dedicated software. Starting from your production needs, we deliver the best possible response, assembling the entire machine at our factory, testing, optimizing and implementing the best innovative solutions.


When we design our grinding machines, we always considered who will use them. That is why our software is intuitive in nature, therefore procedures for using the machine can be easily set and stored, speeding up the individual steps. In addition, our technicians train your technical staff and support them to enable them to develop the necessary skills to work independently.

Assistance and maintenance

We provide customized maintenance contracts and support for your staff to accommodate changing processing needs. In case the need for repairs arises, SMT service response time is within 24/48 hours, and whenever possible, by operating remotely. Streamlining the entire operation, the service assistance is managed directly by a technician dedicated to your project.

Spare parts

When spare parts are needed, we are able to immediately supply the necessary repair component, not only for our machines but also for all other major grinding machine brands. In addition, we take charge to collect all relevant information related to the breakdown and provide spare parts list and maintenance assistance plan, streamlining the entire process thus relieving your internal technical department from this duty.


We have the capability to work on all major brands grinding machines on regular and extraordinary maintenance also being able to implement improvements and sophisticated modifications to enhance performance. Moreover, we are able to address any unanswered question you may have, by providing solutions to technical questions and/or assist you in finding the right solution.

Special Machine Tools - Rettificatrici Senza Centri

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