Special Machine Tools - Rettificatrici Senza Centri

Fixed-Center Grinders

CF Series

This machine is particularly suitable for grinding in “through-feed”. It has a single-block cast iron base with a high number of reinforcing ribs aimed at minimizing vibrations. The slides have been designed to assure maximum performance in stock removal while eliminating any type of deflection. The workrest blade support if fixed onto the machine base simplifying the entire process of loading and unloading of the workpiece by having the entire systems fixed onto the ground. This type of arrangement drastically reduces change over time. The grinding wheel head equipped with a double support hydrodynamic spindle (Twin-grip) guarantees high rigidity and quality performance.

The control wheel spindle is sustained by bronze bushings immersed in oil, assuring high rigidity therefore eliminating any vibration that could otherwise cause workpiece shape errors during grinding operation.

The CNC axes of the “CF Series” grinding machines ensure complete autonomy on the management of the grinding processing. The software, entirely designed by SMT, offers a simple and intuitive interface which can also incorporate specific customizations requested by customer. Moreover, the inherited technologies built into the machine provide for excellent reliability and sturdiness and minimal maintenance requirement.

Green (less harmful to the environment)

High energy efficiency (energy saver - minimization of energy waste)

Industry 4.0 (digital machine)

 CF 400/200CF 500/250CF 500/400CF 600/350CF 600/500
Workpieces diametersØ0,5 ÷ Ø50mmØ1 ÷ Ø100mmØ3 ÷ Ø100mmØ3 ÷ Ø200mmØ3 ÷ Ø200mm
Workpieces length with plunge grinding200mm250mm400mm350mm500mm
Grinding wheel diameterØ406mmØ508mmØ508mmØ610mmØ610mm
Grinding wheel width200mm250mm400mm350mm500mm
Grinding wheel holeØ203,2mmØ304,8mmØ304,8mmØ304,8mmØ304,8mm
Control wheel diameterØ200mmØ300mmØ300mmØ350mmØ350mm
Control wheel length200mm250mm400mm350mm500mm
Control wheel holeØ127mmØ152,4mmØ152,4mmØ203,2mmØ203,2mm
Grinding wheel peripheral speed20 ÷ 60m/s20 ÷ 60m/s20 ÷ 60m/s20 ÷ 60m/s20 ÷ 60m/s
Control wheel speed3 ÷ 300r.p.m.3 ÷ 300r.p.m.3 ÷ 300r.p.m.3 ÷ 300r.p.m.3 ÷ 300r.p.m.
Minimum compensation (positive/negative)0,0005mm0,0005mm0,0005mm0,0005mm0,0005mm
CNC axes number1 ÷ 71 ÷ 71 ÷ 71 ÷ 71 ÷ 7
Grinding wheel motor power15kW22kW31kW49kW63kW
Control wheel motor power1,5kW3kW3kW5,5kW7,5kW
Installed power22kW30kW37kW49kW75kW
Total machine weight + services (without accessories)6200kg8000kg8500kg10000kg12000kg
Machine dimensions + services (without accessories)2,5 X 1,5m40 x 2,5m40 x 2,5m4,5 x 2,5m4,5 x 3m

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CG.R. Series

Transfer grinding machine

SF Series


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