Special Machine Tools - Rettificatrici Senza Centri

Chamfering grinding machines

SF Series

The SF400 chamfering is a transfer style machine dedicated to the additional grinding of various details of semifinished components. It has a single-block cast iron base with a workpiece holder/gripper mounted on cross slides. By interpolating the axis, the workpiece is positioned in front of the grinding wheel and the various types of machining operations are performed in a single clamping.

Operations that can be performed in a single are grinding of tapers, chamfers, face grinding, as well as performing small internal and external machining of simple and complex profiles.

The grinding wheel dressing, when needed, is accomplished by having a dressing diamond in its support mounted steady next to the workpiece clamping fixture, therefore utilizing the same two axis for the dressing operation.

S400X2 and S300X2 machines perform simpler operations such as chamfer or tapers. However, they still allow you to eliminate the loss of idle times of loading and unloading workpieces.

The machine’s software has been designed and produces by SMT technicians with the intent of allowing you to manage all the working processes simply and almost instinctively. Furthermore, customized solutions for loading and unloading of the workpieces allow this machine to work in complete autonomy. The SF series is intended for small to medium production requirements, it guarantees repeatability of the workpiece’s quality and dimensional tolerances, it is ease to operate, simple and economical to maintain. Furthermore, the machine can be equipped with additional accessories such as measuring systems, wheel balancing systems, etc.

Green (less harmful to the environment)

High energy efficiency (energy saver - minimization of energy waste)

Industry 4.0 (digital machine)

Workpieces diametersØ2 ÷ Ø16(25)mmØ3 ÷ Ø25mmØ1,5 ÷ Ø16mm
Workpieces length15 ÷ 150mm15 ÷ 150mm15 ÷ 150mm
Rotation of the grinding wheel to the workpiece axis20° ÷ 90°10° ÷ 90°10° ÷ 80°
Grinding wheel diameterØ400mmØ400mmØ300-400mm
Grinding wheel10-30mm20-45mm6-30mm
Grinding wheel holeØ127mmØ127mmØ127mm
Grinding wheel peripheral speed20 ÷ 45m/s20 ÷ 45m/s20 ÷ 45m/s
Minimum compensation (positive/negative)0,001mm0,001mm0,001mm
CNC number of axis222
Grinding wheel motor power3kW5,5kW2,2kW
Workpiece-holder gripper motor power1,5kW0,75kW0,75kW
Installed power10kW12kW10kW
Total machine weight + services (without accessories)4000kg5000kg6000kg
Machine dimensions + services (without accessories)2 x 2m2 x 2,5m2,5 x 2,5m

Moveable-center grinding machines

CG.R. Series

Fixed-center grinders machines

CF Series


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