Special Machine Tools - Rettificatrici Senza Centri

Moveable-center grinding machines

CG.R. Series

This specific model it is manufactured from of a single-block cast iron base, it is an extraordinarily robust and versatile machine designed to address many if not all of your grinding requirement. The standard machine configuration has three CNC axis that allow you to manage all grinding cycles (through feed and plunge grinding) as well as generate the desired shapes for the grinding wheel and control wheel. The main cross slide of the grinding wheel is inclined 30° to minimize the distance between the slide guideways and the grinding wheel centerline, making the structure more compact and stiffer. In addition, the ability to move the grinding wheel axially “oscillating technology” gives the machine the ability to grind up to a part shoulder as well as obtaining the best possible runout specifically when processing solid carbide bars.

  • From CG.R 500/250 to CG.R 600/350 with hydrodynamic grinding wheel spindle, control wheel spindle bronze bushings immersed in oil.
  • From CG.R 600/400 to CG.R 600/0 with both special hydrostatic spindles. The fixed shaft and the rotating wheel body alone ensure maximum rigidity.

In all models, the wheels are mounted and removed from the side allowing for an extremely quick change over. Additionally, by having the dressing system mounted directly in front of the wheel, the grinding wheel is dressed (shaped) exactly in the area of the wheel that is in contact with the workpiece. This feature, eliminating geometrical errors that are typical with other form of dressing, allow the machine operator to produce the first piece in tolerance and in a very short time. The specific and straightforward structure of the “CG.R series” also guarantees excellent reliability and a low number of maintenance interventions.

Green (less harmful to the environment)

High energy efficiency (energy saver - minimization of energy waste)

Industry 4.0 (digital machine)

 CG.R 600/200CG.R 600/300CG.R 600/500CG.R600/400
Speciale * (HM)
Speciale * (HM)
CG.R 500/250
Workpieces diametersØ3 ÷ Ø200mmØ3 ÷ Ø300mmØ4 ÷ Ø300mmØ4 ÷ Ø200mmØ4 ÷ Ø200mmØ4 ÷ Ø100mm
Workpieces lenght with plunge grinding200mm350mm500mm400mm700mm250mm
Grinding wheel diameterØ610mmØ610mmØ610mmØ610mmØ610mmØ508mm
Grinding wheel width200mm350mm500mm400mm680mm250mm
Grinding wheel holeØ304,8mmØ304,8mmØ304,8mmØ304,8mmØ304,8mmØ304,8mm
Control wheel diameterØ350mmØ350mmØ350mmØ350mmØ350mmØ300mm
Control wheel width200mm350mm400 ÷ 700mm400 ÷ 700mm700mm400mm
Control wheel holeØ203,2mmØ203,2mmØ203,2mmØ203,2mmØ203,2mmØ152,4mm
Grinding wheel peripheral speed20 ÷ 60m/s20 ÷ 60m/s20 ÷ 60m/s20 ÷ 60m/s20 ÷ 60m/s20 ÷ 60m/s
Control wheel speed3 ÷ 300r.p.m.3 ÷ 300r.p.m.3 ÷ 300r.p.m.3 ÷ 300r.p.m.3 ÷ 300r.p.m.3 ÷ 300r.p.m
Minimum compensation (positive/negative)0,0005mm0,0005mm0,0005mm0,0005mm0,0005mm0,0005mm
CNC axes number (without accessories)333333
Grinding wheel motor power22kW36kW49kW49kW55kW22kW
Control wheel motor power3kW3kW5,5kW5,5kW5,5kW3kW
Installed power42kW56kW70kW70kW75kW42kW
Total machine weight + services (without accessories)9500kg10500kg13500kg13500kg14500kg11500kg
Machine dimensions + services (without accessories)4 x 3m4 x 3,3m4 x 3,3m4,3 x 4m4,3 x 4m3,8 x 3m

Fixed-center grinders machines

CF Series

Transfer grinding machine

SF Series


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